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October 2010

There is a saying that “planning and preparation prevents p... poor performance” and this was brought home to me on our fish and chip run. We had a good ride through the lanes to Aldeburgh lead by John Swann only to find that the fish and chip shop was closed. No hassle, we will go to the one further down the road, but that was closed. As we walked back to the bikes we passed a Chinese take away and we enjoyed some different food which was very good, and somewhat cheaper than fish and chips. So remember, p and ppppp is worthwhile even when things turn out well. Oh! and always be certain that you have sufficient petrol.
Our trip to the races at Snetterton  lead by John Swann,(again) was a very enjoyable day. The sound of several well tuned big singles accelerating hard has no equal and I could listen to them all day long, real rolling thunder! During the day there was a long pause in the racing due to an accident and we were able to take a slow wander around the pits to admire some wonderful classic machinery and not miss the excellent racing.
The ladies lunch was held at the Alma and a large number of members and their spouses enjoyed a good meal. Thank you Dot for arranging it earlier than usual so helping yours truly to fit it in with his hectic social life?  

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September 2010

Firstly the whole Section and various other Clubs must thank Gordon for staging our annual BBQ again. Both Gordon and Julia put their heart and soul into making a super job by opening their house and gardens for the evening to a record number of barbequers. I would also like to thank Jean, Jane and Les for their support and help. The food was’nt bad either. A few weeks ago we had an evening run to Shotley for a beer which was very pleasant.
Now about three years ago we did the same thing and when we came to return home one of our invited guests leaped onto his bike and promptly fell into a heap on the other side. I found this very funny as it seemed to be achieved in slow motion and he did not hurt himself. However, on our latest visit we parked the bikes in exactly the same place and on our return to start them who did just the same thing and fell off his bike. Yes you have guessed who so things have a way of getting back to you. I must thank the East Suffolks for their invite to meet them at Manningtree for a noggin and natter. Always a good evening and not too far with the 6volt members  We had arranged to visit the Transport Museum at Carlton Colville and with Gordon acting as run leader away we went. Now as most of our members will know I have had an ongoing electrical problem with my bike and we only got as far as Ipswich when the usual misfire set in. I thought I had cured this some weeks ago but sadly I had to return home with splutters and bangs. It is now repaired and I am hopeful that it will continue to go properly. When the other members arrived at the Museum they found it was closed but would be opening later which I find rather surprising as it is situated next to Lowestoft and in the middle of summer with thousands of potential visitors at hand. However all was not lost as they then visited Cake Street Classics where John Swann was able to find a solution to a long standing dynamo problem. Jolly good. I was going to mention our visit to the autogyro genius Ken Wallis but there is no need as the details were in last months Jampot.

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August 2010

When we met up for our last mid week run it was perfectly clear that nobody had any ideas of where we were going for the day apart from Colin Smith. He had done his homework and said he would lead us on a comprehensive tour of Essex. And he did, to the tune of 140 miles. But there was method in his madness as he wanted to call at a dealers for spares. We proceeded on our travels and with the good weather we had a really enjoyable run arriving at Burnham on Sea for a leisurely lunch. Eventually we started our machines and they all ran but not necessarily in the right manner. Poor Colin’s Matchless decided to pop and bang and make a fuss. Indeed people in the main street were obviously alarmed as the noise was just like gunfire and while some found it highly amusing others quickly hurried away. On a lighter note the restaurant owner appeared and recorded the commotion on his camcorder. Nervertheless we all arrived home safely, including Colin, and I can report that his bike is now fixed and running smoothly.

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July 2010

The Ladies Lunches that Dot organises each month are always well attended and luckily they tend to take a considerable time to enjoy, with extremely important  motorcycle business being discussed at one end of the table, and ladies banter at the other end. Mind you there is always one who can cause trouble so Alan Jones needs to take heed as his excuse about being deaf is wearing a bit thin, when he easily hears what he wants to hear.

At our last midweek rideout I was the only one to turn up. This was not unexpected as we seem to have had many members incapacitated and others on holiday. Nevertheless your esteemed leader had a wonderful ride through Essex and Herts going just wherever his fancy took him.

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March 2010

It was very encouraging to see fourteen members and their ladies had come out to dine at the Anchor pub on our Ladies Lunch day. This is obviously very popular and we need to thank Dot McIlroy for our enjoyment. As I said to her at the time we have never had a bad meal as long as she has been finding good eateries just that some have been better than others.

On Wednesday 3rd March we moved to a new meeting place. The Alma pub seems pleasant enough with an area to meet in, a good car park, a beer garden, not on a main road and central for most members. I hope we can settle there as we have had four moves in four years. Quite a number turned up and a good evening was had. Two large platters of sandwiches suddenly appeared as Derek the landlord said they would. Maybe this was the reason for the good attendance? A reminder to all that on Sunday 28 March we are going to the Coalhouse Fort at Tilbury with the Maldon British Club.

We will leave the Alma pub at 9am and ride to the Miami Hotel at Chelmsford and join with the Maldon Club and as they know the way it will alleviate any hassle.

September 2009

Once again, the North Essex section has had to move its monthly meeting place. It is now the Bricklayers Arms Colchester. This was due to the unforeseen demise of our previous venue and not for rowdy behavior.

Our planned evening ride out for 17 September for fish and chips had already taken Plaice? So instead 7 members rode out in good weather to make a return visit to Andrew Cunningham and his collection of bikes. Andrew was the Knight in shining amour who came our rescue at a roadside breakdown a few months ago when Collin's battery decided to cook itself for no particular reason. The purpose of the visit was not just to say thank you but also to give Alan Jones Scorpion a taste of Suffolk fresh air. John Swann did an excellent job in leading us there and after the visit we all repaired to the Huntingfield Arms just a couple of miles down the road from Andrews for a well earned lunch.

Finally Saturday 26 September saw 10 wives and members sit down for an enjoyable lunch at the White Horse in Sible Hedingham.