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September rides were a bit thin on the ground. John Walsh had to give up on revisiting the East London section on neutral ground as they didnt appear interested. We did have a ride into Suffolk finishing at the cafe at Great Yeldham which appeared to be thriving under new management. Over lunch there was some discussion about the trip to the National Motorcycle Museum. It was left that this would be discussed at the October club night. Not quite so many at the club night, several of us enjoying ourselves elsewhere. It looks like a few of us will be leaving the Alma at 7am on the 17th on bikes and some will be going by car. I will take a nostalgia run into suffolk on the 31st visiting my birthplace and a garage owner who was the second of the four owners of my Road Rocket.

The Pre65 section had a couple of meetings with our regular participants, Julian and Vic, supported by Colin and Steve. Colin attended the Air ambulance run on our behalf, and we continue to support this worthy cause all the year.He also attended the Copdock Show and got a new recruit.

Kevin is getting a Calendar together for next year and is looking for Photos. Last years is now a collectors item!

The lunch meeting is on the 28th at the Pikau Arms, and the clubnight is november 1st. I hope to see you there Gordon