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Latest News July 2021

Just a quick update on this mornings news! Steve Toy has agreed to take us on an evening ride on July 27th to pay a visit to the Hadleigh club night. As you may be aware, several of us belong to both clubs. Details will be sent out as usual. Because of that, my daytime ride will be moved to July 30th, leaving the Alma at 10-30, destination yet to be decided! I hope to see you all at both! Gordon

July 2021 Update

It was good to see you all at our July clubnight. Because of the football, we did consider postponing it, but decided that it was our designated night and we should carry on. The Alma were very accomodating, and with an attendance of 26,(27 if you count my contribuition) Im pleased we went ahead. About ten or so of us had a ride around the lanes before the meeting, and it was very encouraging to see the enthusiasm for this hasn't diminished. I gave my old bike a run out, and I apologise for the signalling at the junctions!  In our task of moving back to how things used to be, I am planning a daytime ride on the 27th, leaving the Alma at 10-30am. Im looking for places we can turn up at without causing too much fuss for a spot of lunch.  There will be a fish and chip run to Mersea courtesy of Paul, at some point,and the trip to the music venue with Julian and FD was very popular and we hope to repeat that before long. Any suggestions for future visits are always welcome. Hope to see you again soon. Gordon

Latest News June 2021

Just to confirm that the next club night is on July 7th at the Alma. George has arranged the evening with the Alma. There will be a premeeting ride leaving the Alma at the landlords request at 7pm. I hope to organise a daytime run in the last week in July. In the mean time if anyone has a ride they would like to share, please let us know. 

June 2021 update 2

As you will have seen from Colins e mails there was a well attended ride out to Littley Green, led by the intrepid Chris Mac, who had already done quite a few miles to get to the Alma for the start. I understand it was a good ride and a fitting start to our season of regular rides. I hope to get one organised for July. Julian  has organised a ride for this Friday evening, 18th, leaving the Alma at 5pm, but as I write the weather forecast doesnt look too good so watch your e mails for the latest info. Our next club night on July 8th will follow the same format as last month. There will be a pre meeting ride leaving at 7pm from the Alma, not Church Lane! I hope to see you there .Gordon

June 2021 Update

After months of inactivity, we finally managed our first club night for nine months on June 2nd. George did a grand job of negotiating with the Alma and we had a dedicated seating area and the car park reserved for the bikes. We had a good turnout with 23 members, 3 guests and 21 bikes, which made a good show in the car park. some of us had a short ride around the local lanes and I hope I found some that you hadn't travelled lately. Im sorry I didnt stay for the meeting, but I think Colin explained. I understand that we also gained a new member. Julian proposed a ride on June 19th so if you are going let us know asap. Keep an eye on your e mails for up to date information. Lets hope we get back to a bit of normality in July. The next clubnight is July 7th . Gordon

Latest News may 2021

Those of you on Colins E mail list will have seen we made our first club foray of the year to Shotley Marina. Nine of us left the Alma/Church Road at 10-30, and followed a devious route to Shotley arriving just before twelve. Jim and Gordon B joined us to make a total of eleven. There was a lot of catching up to do, and I for one was relieved that we had managed to get out for a ride at long last. The cafe had a very good system for drinks and food,even if it was a bit pricey. But it all felt quite safe. I must apologise to Tony C for not thanking him for helping me out a few weeks ago. My excuse is that it was the excitement of the occassion! I shall make sure I buy you a pint on Wednesday. One good thing about starting at the Alma ,was that the landlord was there and he was very pleased to see us, and promised to clear the car park for us next Wednesday for our first club night since August  2020! I have to say he was very upbeat considering all he has had to put up with over the last year or so. He wants us to put on a good display so I hope we can have a good turnout and give him our support. There will be a short ride around the lanes before the meeting , leaving Church Road at 7pm. Colin and I are looking forward to a day out marshalling at the Pre 65 scramble at Marks Tey tomorrow, May 30th. Its open to the public. Looking forward to seeing you all on June 2nd. Gordon

Ride out Postponement

Sorry we had to call off the run today, Friday May 21st, but the weather forecast was bad and I felt it would be too risky in the wind. I was so disappointed,and had spent thursday checking the bikes! We will have another go next Friday 28th, same time ,same place . See you there.Gordon

May 2021 Latest News

Just a quick update on forthcoming events. We have decided to arrange ride as a tribute to Andy Wood, as suggested by some members, and we will meet at the Alma , 10-30 am on Friday 21st May. We will ride to Shotley for a spot of lunch. Clearly we will be observing all the rules,and expect you all to do so. The funeral will take place at Colchester Crematorium on Thursday 13th, and for those wishing to ride behind the hearse, it will be leaving 12, Cedar Avenue ,Brightlingsea at 2-00pm . All being well, we hope to resume our club nights at the Alma in June,and we will let you know the arrangements nearer the time. Gordon

May 2021 Update

We are hoping that the relaxing of the rules will allow us to go ahead with our first club night of the year on June 2nd. The Alma has put in a lot of work and lets hope we can give them our support for the rest of the year.  As before ,we shall need an idea of numbers. We just need to be sure that the restrictions will be lifted as scheduled for later this month. If that is the case ,then contact us if you are taking part. Sorry if this seems a bit involved but we want to do things correctly. It has also been mentioned to me that not everyone is connected to the internet, so if you have any friends who you think might be in that situation, just make sure you keep them up to date with what we are up to. Keep the newsworthy items coming into Colin for distribution. Its been very interesting to see what you have been up to! Apart from the frosts, it has been good biklng weather. Lets hope it continues. We are looking forward to seeing you all before too long. Gordon

April Update 2, 2021

You should have all had an e mail from Colin regarding the club night. After considering all the implications for ourselves and The Alma we have reluctantly decided to postpone the club night until June. This is not something we wanted to do, but after contacting the BMF for advice, together with info from other bike and car clubs, we decided that it was for the best. My local car club has arranged our first potential lunchtime meet on June 24th.Bernie said that the Yamaha club even thought that six going for a ride together wasnt right. Interstingly I couldnt find any advice on the parent club website. The BMF also said that the insurance was subject to covid compliance. We dont want anyone to get into trouble. Were we all to turn up at the Alma by car then the chances are no one would bat an eyelid. However turning up on bikes would be a bit of a give away, and we all know that motorcycles arent welcomed by everybody! There are enough irresponsible  and noisy bikers around to keep that going, even if we are not part of it. So lets hope things relax a bit more over the next few weeks so we can have a get together in June. In the mean time , keep sending in your stories and pictures to Colin, and rest assured we are doing all we can to get back to normal activities, as soon as possible.  Gordon

April 2021 update

We hope to resume our club nights starting on May 5th, subject to the relaxing of the rules on April 26th. The Alma will be pleased to see us but we will need to know the numbers attending so they can comply with the rule of six for the catering outside.  Please contact us if you will be attending. The rides will also have to comply with the rule of six, so if you want to arrange a ride before hand with some mates, that would be best. For those of you without mates, I will try and organise a route for groups of six,and again please let us know if you want to join me or a n other on that. Please be aware the rules may change at any time. Keep an eye on the website for the latest information. I have fuelled up my bike in anticipation! Gordon