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Update 2 October 2020

With increased restrictions in Essex for the forseable future, its not looking likely that we will be able to run any club related activities for some time. I should say that we are not alone and there are lots of classic bike and car clubs having to keep in touch via websites, e mails, and some on Zoom. Colin is doing a weekly e mail of members stories, and do keep them coming in. Im sure that you are all managing to get out for a ride somehow,as its easy to ride a bike while socially distanced. We have all experianced how most of the  population regard us in normal times,so they definitly wouldnt want to get too close to us at the minute! Anyway, keep those bikes in good fettle,so that when we do see the light at the end of the tunnel,we are ready to go. Gordon

Latest News September 29th

Its with some sadness that we have had to suspend the club activities to keep within the latest restrictions. You should have recieved an e mail from Colin outlining the details, and we hope that you will all understand the reasons why. At least we had a couple of club nights and one or two outings in 2020,which is more than most clubs managed. If you can support the Alma during these difficult times, then Im sure it would be appreciated. In the mean time we will keep an eye on what we can do to keep in touch with you all. Look out for e mails,and keep an eye on this website. Gordon


PS As a club we support Herts and Essex Air Ambulance via their lottery, but they usually raise some money by the bike runs this time of the year.Because of the restrictions these are not taking place leaving them £60K out of pocket. They are running a scheme where for a donation of £10, you get a badge and an invite just to take a ride on your own for about 60 miles,and send in a photo of your trip. Its a very good cause,and if you want more details or sign up, just go to their website. Gordon

September 2020 update 2

We were hoping to squeeze in another club night in October along the lines of the last two, but it looks like the new rules have at least spoiled the chance for organising a pre meeting ride. However, George is going to see what can be done about meeting at the Alma, without breaking the rules, while at the same time,maintaining our safety. Colin has asked you all to contact him if you would be coming along if we can sort something out, just to get an idea of numbers. In the mean time, we will have to keep our riding activities to privately arranged affairs,keeping the numbers below six to avoid any problems. Keep an eye on this website and your E mails for the latest  information. You will have seen that the Green lane group had a good time in Wales,and all have returned safely. Gordon

September 2020

The September club night went quite well,with the weather not detering nine members and a guest going for a burst around the country lanes before hand, arriving back to the Alma with just minutes to spare for 7-30 start of the meeting. Because of the rain the landlord had us all in the covered beer garden at the rear. George has written, thanking him for looking after us.Having lead the run, I went back home, leaving Colin to do the honours. Nothing personal, honestly!  I understand it was a good evening with some 21 members attending  and 2 guests,with 14 turning up on bikes. Both Christian and Kevin turned up on Matchless machines, and Vic was on his AJS,and all three had come a good distance in the rain. The green lane group are off to Wales for a few days on the 14th,and when they get back I hope to organise a daytime ride before the end of the month. Christian gave us an update on the Hadleigh club activities. Kevin  has offered to do a calender for 2021 so if you have any photos that would be suitable, please get in touch with Kevin. Good to see Peter as well,and he was sensible enough to come by car,as did a few others.Hopefully we may be able to continue a bit longer with this club night format, so watch this website and your e mails for the latest info. Gordon

PS August 31st

Just to thank  Paul Davies for organising a very popular and socialy distanced fish and chip run to Mersea Island last week. It looks like you all had a good evening and the whole event was very well planned and executed. Gordon

Latest News August 31st

A quick message to confirm that the club night on this Wednsday 2nd September, will take place at The Alma at 7-30 pm. The arrangement will be as last month with the area at the front of the Alma reserved for us from 7-30. I shall be leading a short ride around the lanes leaving Church Road promptly at 6-30 pm, in order to get back for 7-30. looking forward to seeing you there .Gordon

Latest news August 2020

George and I have just visited the Alma and we have made a reservation for our next clubnight scheduled for Wednesday September 2nd on the basis that the July clubnight was well attended and you all appeared to enjoy it! The arrangement is the same as the last time,from 7-30, for 30 people,we have the front of the Alma, with bike parking alongside but Im sure a few more wouldnt cause a problem. You come as before entirely at your own risk. I shall lead a ride before the meeting,leaving Church Lane as before,leaving promptly at 6-30,to get back for 7-30. I have run the route and it should take just about an hour. As you come along to the Alma,at the London Road end, it says the road is closed but its closed past the Alma so you can get there from London Road. You can also get there on the back road that leads to church lane passing the cricket club which we left on last time.Looking forward to seeing you all. Gordon

Bike Ride Details Friday 14th August

Details of the ride for Friday 14th of August. Friday Shudy Bike Meet,  Near Haverhill CB21 4QZ. Leaving the Alma at 5pm. A gentle jog along the A 604. Colin has posted more info in the clubnight report. Gordon

August Update 2 ,2020

It was lovely to see you all at a clubnight after all this time. It would have appeared that the planning on behalf of the landlord at the Alma,and ourselves went more or less as we had hoped.  I thought we had made it clear that the ride would have to leave on time, because of the need to be at the alma for our booked slot at 7-30,and that we would be leaving from Church Lane. Several of us got it right and we left promptly at 6-30, as I had riden the route the day before at around the same time and it took about 45 minutes, which gave us a bit of le way for getting back for 7-30. I understand a few of you went for a ride on your own because we left so promptly. It didnt matter, and perhaps as there were several of us riding,we may have to leave in two or more smaller groups next time. I didnt stay for the meeting and I do apologise but I have explained why. I hear the evening was a great success, with 25 members and two guests enjoying themselves. Its a relief to see such support after what has been a very strange time. If all goes well, we should be able to repeat the process for our September clubnight. There are a couple of things in the pipeline meantime. One is a ride to the Haverhill area to a bike meet on Friday 14th, suggested by Julian, and The details will follow here soon. The other is a socially distanced fish and chip run which is at the planning stage at the moment with Paul is using his local knowledge to negotiate an arrangement to finish in Mersea. To keep up to date please keep an eye on the website and read Colins e mails! Gordon

August 2020 Latest Update

At the moment, our clubnight next week on wednesday 5th is still going ahead as previously  planned , but clearly, in view of the way things are going, there could be new rulings put in place quite quickly, particularly as pubs have been mentioned. We should also like to make it clear that your attendance is entirely at your own risk. Im looking forward to seeing you all,but we all still need to be careful. Gordon