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October Update 2019

The section had a very busy September, with more than the usual number of events. I would like to thank John Swann, Chris Mac, Steve Toy and Julian for organising these events in my absence. Colin covered them at this months clubnight, and all were well supported and with evening and daytime rides, green laning and pre-65 scrambling, as well as the odd one or two spectating at Snetterton, we hope there is something for everyone in the club.

It's good to hear we have already hit the target for our BMF subscription for next year and that the Hadleigh Club has as well. We need to keep ourselves covered with the BMF, not forgetting they are lobbying on our behalf all the time.

It was decided that the January Club Night be moved from the 1st to the 8th to avoid clogging up the Alma on a busy evening.It was also unanimously agreed to hold an annual Dinner and Awards evening, and subject to confirming the date with New Times Tiptree, it will be held on January 15th. We would like to have an idea of numbers attending so please let us know ASAP, and any help in organising the event would be most appreciated. Don't forget to get your photographs ready for the photo competition. 

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Update September 2019

Another good turnout for our club night with a car park full of bikes. I counted 25 and Im sure several more more had called in for a chat. About 9 of us accompanied Paul back to Treasure Island as he forgot to bring the free bike papers, and we gained two more in Mersea as we left the Alma a bit earlier than we should! 26 members and four guests at the meeting. We now have over 40 members on the books to keep us busy. Colin went through the club business as usual. We also had a chat with the new landlord and he is quite happy for us to continue to meet at the Alma which is good news.

Three members attended the Jampot Rally, and Steve picked up a rossette for his bike. George and I had an opportunity to go to the Moto GP that weekend so decided that was the better than going to the rally, so we went there and back, Saturday and Sunday, on two of the hottest days of the year.

Seven of us set out for the ride into Suffolk, and despite getting split up, had a good ride to Crown Street Motors, Lowestoft. Julian took a group of ten on a lovely evening ride around the lanes and finished at the Whalebone ,Finginghoe. Proving that you dont need to go too far to enjoy some good roads

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August update 2019

We had a record number of motorcyclists at our August clubnight and we signed up a couple of new members which is always encouraging. Some very tasty motorcycles in the car park.  A dozen or so riders had a quick blast around the Essex countryside before the meeting. The drop off system worked a treat as everyone followed the rules!

Colin did a quick run through the events of July which I covered in the last blog, and its good to see that most events are still well supported. The presentation to Bernie made the Jampot Magazine but they couldnt help themselves and managed to edit it! I did manage to get the Section Notes in but its a real uphill task.

This month I will be leading a run into Suffolk, which always has proved popular, as there are several places to visit along the way, including Cakefield Classics, Dragonfly, Crown Street Motors, and of course Stephanie's Cafe! That's Thursday August 15th leaving the Alma at 10am so we can fit it all in.

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July update 2019 -2

Just a quick update on club events so far this month. The July club night was well attended with 22 members. Five guests, and a few apologies. Ten of us ventured on the ride before the meeting. 22 bikes in the car park, with moderns outnumbered by Classics. I believe we recruited two new members. We arranged a couple of rides after asking for volunteers. Steve took us to Littley Green to The Compasses, on roads quite new to me and others. A good evening with 13 bikes and one guest doing the ride. Good food as well. Steve also guided those of us that were lost back to Tiptree!

John Swann took us on an equally interesting trip to Andrewsfield airfield, again on roads that most of us hadnt seen. Seven of us had a good natter over lunch, and we all rode back together to Earls Colne. The Green Laners had another run out on the 14th. I gather this is getting more support on each outing. Too messy for my liking!

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July update 2019

Just a quick recap of last nights meeting. Colin covered the activities for June, which had mostly been well attended. At the moment the only ride confirmed is that to be led by Steve on Thursday evening,11th of July leaving the Alma at 6-45 to The Compasses , Littley Green,which has a reputation for excellent food, and they are expecting us. There will be a daytime ride, either by a new volunteer, or as an alternative, John Swann said he would lead one to Andrewsfield Airfield. Please watch the events page and your e mails for confirmation of one or the other.The lunch meeting will be on August 3rd, venue yet to be decided. The next club night will be August 7th. There will be a pre meeting ride. We will using the drop off system. Please make sure you understand how it works, and follow the instructions of the leader and the tail end rider. As you saw last night, if you dont do as your told, it can result in chaos! Gordon

June update 2

Just a quick word on the last week or so when we have had several things  going on. First, the lunch meeting with Joan and Annie on the 22nd went very well and they enjoyed themselves. They were chatting to us all throughout their visit and it was good to see Joan back driving again.

Monday 22nd saw 13 bikes, with Julia on the Rocket for the first time in years, head for the Hadleigh Club BBQ, abley  lead by Steve, and despite the rain a good evening was had by all. Complete contrast to the evening run I organised for that club on the 19th when three of us met one representative of the Hadleigh club in Hadleigh Market square. We did have a good ride finishing at the Donkey and Buskins. Now run by Allans son we were made very welcome and while it is a good venue for an evening ride out, I cant see how we could fit our club nights there again.

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June 2019 Update

Our June club night was a bit down on numbers with 20 attending, but there were eight apologies so thats not so bad. Three of us ventured out in the rain for the pre-meeting ride but the weather relented so we didnt get soaked. After the usual club business, the events for the month were discussed and then the main event was the presentation of a bike to Bernie. Thanks to Colins generosity, and the efforts of several members over the past few months, Bernie is now the proud owner of a working bike that he can use to ride with us. It was felt that the with problems he has encountered over the last year or so he deserved a break!  The full story should appear in the Jampot magazine.

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June Update 2019

Just a reminder to keep an eye on the events page because there are lots of things going on this time of the year and the end of this month is looking extra busy. Watch this space! Gordon

May update 2019

I gather the May Club Night was well attended, but the pre meeting ride was a bit of a trial because of road closures encountered on the route. Im afraid that has become more common in the last couple of years. Sorry I missed it but I was researching the NC500 route around Scotland's coastline. Well worth the trip, despite the long journey up there to begin with. Lots of bikers doing it, but I didn't spot any AJS or Matchless machines. I also missed John Swann's mystery tour into the countryside, but I had to make a trip to Spain.

We went to meet the Suffolk section at Manningtree last night in the rain. Its been a regular event for years.  Six of us had a good ride around the Essex backroads thanks again to John Swann, and after being there for a while we were told that we should have got a parking ticket and that there were ANR cameras at the entrance. At that point two members of the Suffolks turned up, the rest having had fish and chips elsewhere and gone home! I was not impressed and left! But not before spotting Steve Toy with a nasty damaged knee, which looked like off roading will be on hold for a bit!

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April 2019 Update

It was good to see you all at the this months club night, with 26 members and three guests attending. Not such a good turn out for the pre meeting ride, perhaps the weather forecast put you off! Four of us left the Alma promptly at 7 ,but unfortunately a breakdown meant that only three returned. The fourth was picked up eventually and arrived home about 10pm. And no ,it wasn't due to lack of petrol. Various rides were mentioned for future months, and volunteers for May rides would be welcome as I dontĀ have much spare time in the next few weeks. I will be doing a recce of the NC500 with a view to having a go on a bike next year,if anyone fancies it. Dont forget the VMCC invite to take part in their rides from The Langford Museum of Power on the weekend 12th to 14th of April. Not a section event but you will be made very welcome. The next lunch meeting should be on April 26th but keep an eye out for details. The next club night is May 1st. There will be a ride before the meeting. Gordon

Update 3 March 2019

Just a quick reminder that its club night next Wednesday 3rd April, and that the first pre meeting ride will leave the Alma at 7pm sharp. No petrol stops! Our ride to Pin MillĀ on the 14th was cancelled because of the wet and windy weather, and we tried again on the 26th and six of us enjoyed a lovely ride in the sunshine, despite road closures and road works. The lunch meet on Mersea was well attended on the 29th, (not such a significant day after all), but the promised bargains were a bit thin on the ground, probably due to the affluence of the locals! Gordon