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It was good to see you all at our July clubnight. Because of the football, we did consider postponing it, but decided that it was our designated night and we should carry on. The Alma were very accomodating, and with an attendance of 26,(27 if you count my contribuition) Im pleased we went ahead. About ten or so of us had a ride around the lanes before the meeting, and it was very encouraging to see the enthusiasm for this hasn't diminished. I gave my old bike a run out, and I apologise for the signalling at the junctions!  In our task of moving back to how things used to be, I am planning a daytime ride on the 27th, leaving the Alma at 10-30am. Im looking for places we can turn up at without causing too much fuss for a spot of lunch.  There will be a fish and chip run to Mersea courtesy of Paul, at some point,and the trip to the music venue with Julian and FD was very popular and we hope to repeat that before long. Any suggestions for future visits are always welcome. Hope to see you again soon. Gordon