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It was lovely to see you all at a clubnight after all this time. It would have appeared that the planning on behalf of the landlord at the Alma,and ourselves went more or less as we had hoped.  I thought we had made it clear that the ride would have to leave on time, because of the need to be at the alma for our booked slot at 7-30,and that we would be leaving from Church Lane. Several of us got it right and we left promptly at 6-30, as I had riden the route the day before at around the same time and it took about 45 minutes, which gave us a bit of le way for getting back for 7-30. I understand a few of you went for a ride on your own because we left so promptly. It didnt matter, and perhaps as there were several of us riding,we may have to leave in two or more smaller groups next time. I didnt stay for the meeting and I do apologise but I have explained why. I hear the evening was a great success, with 25 members and two guests enjoying themselves. Its a relief to see such support after what has been a very strange time. If all goes well, we should be able to repeat the process for our September clubnight. There are a couple of things in the pipeline meantime. One is a ride to the Haverhill area to a bike meet on Friday 14th, suggested by Julian, and The details will follow here soon. The other is a socially distanced fish and chip run which is at the planning stage at the moment with Paul is using his local knowledge to negotiate an arrangement to finish in Mersea. To keep up to date please keep an eye on the website and read Colins e mails! Gordon