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You should have all had an e mail from Colin regarding the club night. After considering all the implications for ourselves and The Alma we have reluctantly decided to postpone the club night until June. This is not something we wanted to do, but after contacting the BMF for advice, together with info from other bike and car clubs, we decided that it was for the best. My local car club has arranged our first potential lunchtime meet on June 24th.Bernie said that the Yamaha club even thought that six going for a ride together wasnt right. Interstingly I couldnt find any advice on the parent club website. The BMF also said that the insurance was subject to covid compliance. We dont want anyone to get into trouble. Were we all to turn up at the Alma by car then the chances are no one would bat an eyelid. However turning up on bikes would be a bit of a give away, and we all know that motorcycles arent welcomed by everybody! There are enough irresponsible  and noisy bikers around to keep that going, even if we are not part of it. So lets hope things relax a bit more over the next few weeks so we can have a get together in June. In the mean time , keep sending in your stories and pictures to Colin, and rest assured we are doing all we can to get back to normal activities, as soon as possible.  Gordon