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We are hoping that the relaxing of the rules will allow us to go ahead with our first club night of the year on June 2nd. The Alma has put in a lot of work and lets hope we can give them our support for the rest of the year.  As before ,we shall need an idea of numbers. We just need to be sure that the restrictions will be lifted as scheduled for later this month. If that is the case ,then contact us if you are taking part. Sorry if this seems a bit involved but we want to do things correctly. It has also been mentioned to me that not everyone is connected to the internet, so if you have any friends who you think might be in that situation, just make sure you keep them up to date with what we are up to. Keep the newsworthy items coming into Colin for distribution. Its been very interesting to see what you have been up to! Apart from the frosts, it has been good biklng weather. Lets hope it continues. We are looking forward to seeing you all before too long. Gordon