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Happy New Year to all our club members. Lets hope we manage a bit more riding this year. One thing about a club with an aging membership,(well some of us), is that we should be shuffled up the list for a vaccine injection! Mind you if the Governments record so far is anything to go by, dont get too excited! The present level of restrictions doesnt leave a lot of scope for riding,although you could argue that its exercise for the brain,as you anticipate what every car driver is likely to do next! Or you could claim you are giving yourself an eye test! Having roared around in the sixties with a pair of empty gold star silencers on my bike, I feel a bit hypocritical complaining about the noise of some bikes,but Im sure some of them must swap exhaust systems to pass the MOT! Eventually I discovered,  noise doesnt translate into performance,and certainly not these days,and the noisy ones are often the gutless ones that take an age to get out of earshot! All this standing about doesnt do the bikes a lot of good,and the batteries can be a problem as Im discovering. Electric starting is a boon when it works! BMW has a dedicated socket for a trickle charger, Honda has a dismantling job to get to the battery. Guess which one is a pain! Just to repeat, we have renewed our membership of the BMF so do keep up to speed with their website,and there are discounts available to members,(contact me for our clubs code). It also means that we are covered by insurance for club rides for 2021, when we do get out of all this. George is keeping in touch with the Alma. Colin is still looking for content for the weekly e mail spot,so do send stuff in for circulation. Keep your eye on this website for the latest news. In the mean time, keep safe, get that vaccination, and lets get out riding as soon as we can. Gordon