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Im afraid there isnt much good news on the biking front to report. The provisional MotoGP calendar is out with the British round at Silverstone on August 29th. If it works out I definitley shall be going. Our little place in Spain is equidistant from Barcelona, Arragon,and Valencia, and Ive only made it to Arragon to see MotoGp once and Barcelona for F1 once. I wish I had made more effort to do the others,and will definitley do so if the situation arises in the future. The WSB calendar has also been published,so at least we will get some racing to watch on TV. I  dont know if the off roaders have any information about events coming up for this year. If anyone has any Info ,please let me or Colin know. I understand that some of our Elders have had their first vaccine jab, while some of us youngsters are still waiting! Lets hope we all get a go before too long. In the mean time keep sending articles etc into Colin, because he has finished stacking the gold under his drive,and is at a loose end. There have been some very interesting bikes and its good to see something bike related among all the other e mails. The latest one of the BSA winged wheel brings back a few memories. My brother in law had one and delighted in running it up and down the village street minus the silencer! Kepp looking after those bikes. Keep safe Gordon