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Latest News January 2019 Sammy Miller Museum

There has been some discussion about a visit to the Sammy Miller Museum and we have just spotted that The Jampot Rally in 2019 is in Hampshire, just an hour away from the museum. We could combine a visit to the Rally and the museum with an overnight stay. The Jampot Rally is on August 23rd-26th at Horndean, Hampshire. If you are interested let us know at the next club night. Camping at the Rally is not compulsory, there are hotels nearby, and, dare I say, you could make the trip by car! Gordon

PS January 2019

One of the suggested visit is a railway museum to the south of Essex. John Walsh has asked to let him know at the next club night if you would like to go, so he can get an idea of numbers. Gordon

January 2019 update

It was good to have a nice day for our first ride of the year. Six of us headed off to the Suffolk countryside from the Alma, and we picked up another at Sproughton. With two others joining us at the Victoria, a total of nine was a good turnout. After a nice lunch, we made our way back to Colchester, by a similar route, dropping off one or two at various points along the way. A good start to the year.

As you will have seen from Colins e-mails, our intrepid group of off-roaders have also had a good start to the year, ably led by Steve. All we have to do is keep it all going.

We have had a few ideas for rides and visits this year,so if you have somewhere you think is worth a visit , please bring details to the next club night. One of the suggestions is a combined visit to The Sammy Miller Museum and Beaulieu with an overnight stay. It's a three and a half hours drive down there. If you are interested please let us know. It would be a summer event, outside school holidays! Finally did you spot the deliberate mistake in the last update? Senior moment.See you soon Gordon

February Update 2019

It was good to see you all at the Presentation Evening last night, and I hope you all had an enjoyable evening. We should give a vote of thanks to Colin for organising the evening and negotiating a good deal, (how topical at the moment), and for George for persuading you all to part with the money! The trophies mostly went to deserving members and you all now know what you need to do this year to get your hands on such coverted awards. Photos need to have some motorcycle content, The riding award has to be something special on a Matchless or AJS, and you can score points for turning up to section events on a classic machine. Later machines are scored but not so highly. We felt Steve had done such a good job of encouraging members to take part in riding activities, he deserved his. I would rather Colin had accepted one, as he does a lot of work behind the scenes and my efforts to keep us all up to date rely heavily on Colins record keeping.

Any way we hope you are all suitably inspired to make 2019 another good year for the club. We will try to provide activities to suit all tastes and look forward to seeing you taking part. Remember if you have somewhere you would like to ride to, or an event we could support, do let us know.

We are starting our riding for the year next week, on January 15th, leaving the Alma at 10.30am to visit the Victoria at Earl Soham. You don't have to ride with us, you can meet us there for a spot of lunch. It does depend on the weather (not keen on ice or snow!) so if in doubt contact me on the 14th. There is no lunch meet in January, but the next club night is on February 6th, when rides for the month will be discussed. See you there Gordon

January 2019

We did have second thoughts about a club night on January 2nd 2019, but we needn't have worried. It was lovely to see you all, with 23 members and 3 guests turning out. Colin reported on the events of December.  We discussed supporting the pre65 40th anniversary scramble and it was agreed to make it a section event. I hope you will come along on the day, June 16th, because Im sure you will enjoy it. We reported that the BMF have got in a muddle over renewals but they cleared our cheque on December 13th so hopefully they will soon have it sorted. We closed the book on the Presentation Evening, and all the monies have been collected and Colin and Bernie will be visiting the New Times just to inform them of the numbers. Thanks to George for collecting the money. Kevin brought another batch of Calendars, and I think there are one or two left if you want one.

The first section ride of the year will take place on the 15th of January to The Victoria Earl Soham, weather permitting. It's not too long a ride, all back roads and after lunch and a warmup we return home on the same route. Nothing to distant or adventurous this time of year.

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December 2018

Good to see you all at another record breaking attendance for a club night. No bikes but it was a rather wet evening. Colin ran through what we have been up to in November.

The Lunch meeting ran into December 1st, and we had a nice meal at Waldegraves, Mersea Island. The off-roaders have now switched to green laning during the Pre65 scramble closed season,and sounds like they are having a good time.

It was agreed to go ahead with the Insurance for 2019 paid for by a combination of donations and club funds. Kevins donated calendars should help boost the fund. Do buy one.

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November update

Just a quick reminder to bring your photos to the next club night,Wednesday December 5th, and that the lunch meet is this Saturday 1st December at Waldegraves, West Mersea. There will be a daytime ride to Toppesfield next week as well. Its not to late to book up for the presentation Dinner on January 9th. See you next week Gordon

November Update

November started with a bang with a record 27 members attending the club night. With only four of us on bikes, we were able to remind the others it was a bike club! We welcomed Andy Woods, the lucky winner of the bike in the clubs national raffle and it looks like its going to be ridden. It's a bit of a squeeze in The Alma, but the landlord is quite happy and you all looked like you were enjoying a pint and a natter. Julian asked if anyone fancied a trip to a large auto Jumble at the Monza race circuit in September 2019. Its evidently a really good bikers weekend! Decisions needed soon to book accomodation.

We had a good ride and a day out at Duxford in October, thanks again to Kevin, and four of us made it to Snetterton for some spectating. We started November with lunch on the 3rd at The Horseshoes, Cockfield, and with an ambitious ride into Suffolk on the 6th, Benacre for Poppies, Crown Street Motors for nostalgia, Bungay Cafe for lunch and Draganfly  for that rare occasion of needing BSA spares. It was dark when I got home clocking 156 miles, some of you doing more. About a dozen members attended the Copdock show and availed themselves of the Hospitality of the East Suffolk Section, and one or two tried the Pre 65 off road riding. There was talk of joining the green lane section, but common sense prevailed. Two of our members took part in the Pre 65 Scramble at Marks Tey. I believe the Green Lane group also did an 80 mile trip as well.

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John Randall

It is with regret that we have announce the passing of Section Member, John Randall, following a stroke. Although we had not seen John for some time, he was a long time Member, as well as a Maintenance Volunteer at the Langford Museum of Power. Details of the funeral arrangements will be posted when we recieve them. Colin.F.Smith. Treasurer North Essex Section. A.M.O.C.

October Update II

Just an update on what has been another busy month for us. The Copdock show saw a good turnout of our members and some tried a bit of off road riding. And they were welcomed to the Suffolks for refreshment. Several turned up at the Pre65 scramble at Marks Tey with some members taking part.

We had a good ride out to Duxford for another auction, thanks to Kevin and to John Swann, and a couple of us had a ride out to Snetterton for a spot of spectating, with John a few days later. I gather some of our more senior members are going to give green laning a bit of a go so watch this space.

The first club night of 2019 falls on January 2nd, and rather than break with tradition, we will be meeting on the 2nd, hoping that several of you will have stayed at home over the New Year! The next club night is November 7th. The next ride will be on Tuesday November 6th into Suffolk, visiting Benacre Church, Crown Street Motors, Draganfly and the Bungay Cafe, leaving the Alma at 9.30am. And dont forget the lunch meeting is on Saturday 3rd of November. See you there. Gordon

October Update

Following last nights well attended clubnight, where we welcomed back Peter Warren, the rides for this month were agreed as follows. Wednesday 17th, ride to Duxford for a chance to view the museum,and/or attend the auction. We are fortunate to have Peter and Kevin Twitchet among our members who are Friends of Duxford, and keep us informed of the goings on. We shall leave the Alma at 9am,and Kevin will be there to welcome us and provide storage for helmets,etc.Its ¬£20 for two to enter the auction and it gives you freedom to go around the Museum as well.

The following weekend, depending on the weather, John Swann and myself will have a ride to Snetterton to watch some more club bike racing. If you are interested, contact John or me directly. John has an excellent route and the racing is nonstop except for a lunch break. If its rubbish weather both days we may give it a miss.

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