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It's been such lovely weather and with petrol heading downwards in price, the temptation to get a bike out and go for a ride has been enormous. But we of the baby boomer generation were brought up to do as we were told, something thats gone out of the window in the last few decades. So it's down to running them up in the garage, if only to remind the neighbours that you are still about! I've only got one that makes a bit of a noise so Im not too worried. I've still got the goldie silencers in the garage roof that were sawn in half, the entire contents removed, brazed together and rechromed! I had to run a bigger main jet in the amal TT in the day, but the noise was fantastic.

Living where we do there is a lot of traffic including lots of bikes. Its 30mph in all directions, and yet the number of bikes winding it through the gears as they leave the junction, nice to listen to, is a bit dangerous, as lots of them must be approaching the national speed limit in second or third gear. I feel a bit of a hypocrite as I was a bit of a hooligan as a youth! And any of you who have tried to do the grocery shopping on a bike will know, that even with proper luggage, its not all that practical, even if, like George, you have a tank bag!  Most of the bikes I have seen have no luggage, and no haversacks, and you cant get much in your pockets. Of course the car boy racers do their bit as well as they make huge ammounts of noise, including all the popping and banging, even if their performance is in the large part, unimpressive. If you want to see how a real car goes try 1977 Carrera 3 at Nurburgring on YouTube. I did hear that some of the popular routes for bikes around the country were being exploited by a few as they were more or less deserted of other traffic. I'm sure none of us would condone that sort of thing, but I do understand the reasoning! Those of us of a certain age will be sad to hear about Sir Stirling Moss. As a lad, I remember having a green Vanwall race car by Corgi. I can remember seeing the results of his Goodwood accident on TV. He was a a truly great sportsman and driver, and an example to us all.

Finally, I would remind you all to keep sending in your contributions to Colin, so he can keep up the standard of the drivel over the next few weeks. Otherwise you might be getting more from me and George! Keep safe Gordon.