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Clearly there have been no bike runs or social gatherings since the last update, but I have to say that Colin is doing a grand job coordinating the drivel correspondence. The quality of the content is now getting to a standard that makes me feel a bit inadequate making these reports! Im pleased to see that there has been such a good response, and that everyone has joined in with the spirit of it all. I did think I might qualify for the most stupid bike related event. I managed to let my Varadero fall over while trying to use a paddock stand, something I have used sucessfully many times. It wouldnt have been so bad, had it not been beside my car, which now has a nice dent in the wing!  It only smashed the Honda screen, which was easily replaced in a few days. It annoys me so much, I have parked the car the other way round so I dont have to see it every day! If you have done anything more foolish, do let us know! Gordon