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Good news at last as we can announce our club night on August 5th at the Alma. Colin has negoitiated with the Alma and we have been allocated the space in front of the pub with the new seating arrangement. The landlord has done a lot of work making sure its as a safe as it can be and we look forward to seeing you there for 7-30. Colins straw pole suggested that at least 20 of you were up for it and they can accomodate up to 30 of us. I shall be leading a run starting promptly at 6-30 to be sure we get back to the Alma for 7-30. Assuming we get enough riders , we will be using the drop off system. To avoid congestion on the road outside the Alma, I would ask that you gather for the run in Church Road which is the first left, just past the Alma. I wont be staying after the run, because,being of a certain age,we are limiting our socialising to our family, who are all having to work. I hope you will all have an enjoyable evening and that we can resume our normal activities before too long. If anyone has a ride or a visit they think we can do,within the current guidelines,without a lot of risk, do let us know. Looking forward to seeing you all. Gordon