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Just a quick update about club activities, or rather, the lack of club activities. You will have seen from Colins latest e-mail, there have been lots of requests for a club ride. While it's a lovely idea, the reality is that organising rides, even for just a few people, isn't really possible under the current restrictions. In addition, recoveries from breakdowns would appear to be an issue, the bike being repatriated, but not the rider, and if you were have an accident, your safety from the virus would be taken completely out of your hands. Like all of you, I am itching to get out on a bike, but I dont think its worth the risk.

You may have noticed that all the fuss about travelling to work by government has not mentioned motorcycles once. The BMF are on the case. I guess most politicians would never have sat on a motorbike, yet alone have used one to get to work. You just need to look at the people travellng on public transport recently to realise that cycling for more than five minutes would be out of the question for most of them. And Transport  for London are reintroducing the congestion charge. Cashing in on the situation? You decide! Keep safe and if you can for the moment, stay at home. Gordon. PS And of course continue with your stories to Colin.