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Another month has passed by with no official club activities, except for Colin's daily news. Clearly we will not be able to hold our club night at the Alma this Wednesday June 3rd, and we have nothing planned for the club at the moment.There have been some interesting anecdotes amongst the daily drivel, and a lot of interest in visiting some of the places mentioned within the "confessional tales". There has also been some photos of some nice bikes, and shirts! Keep the stories coming in, because if nothing else it has revealed some interesting behaviour of some of more elderly and respectable members in years gone by. I'm admitting to nothing but I will confess to having been a bit of a hooligan when I first got my hands on my old Rocket in 1965.

Now that there has been some easing of the social distancing rules for the rest of us, there is maybe some scope for a bit of riding, but its really down to commonsense. Personally I don't feel comfortable about going for a ride at the moment, despite the strong urge to do so. Sitting in the garden listening to the large numbers of bikes going past, particularly over the last couple of weekends, doesn't help. Don't forget we are affiliated to the BMF, and its useful to keep an eye on their website, www.bmf.co.uk for up to date information and advice. They warned of a two week purge on speeding, but it certainly hasn't made any impact on the traffic here.

Also for those of you with MOT expiring, Sean Davies Motorcycles has been up and running for several weeks, during the lockdown, and they always makes our club members welcome, so don't forget to support them over these difficult times. And they have an efficient collecting service locally if you cant get it to go! Lets keep our fingers crossed that things improve enough in the next few weeks ,we can all get back out on the bikes. Gordon