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The February clubnight was well attended, with some 30 members and one guest. And four on Bikes which is always a good sign. Colin brought us all up to date with the goings on in January. It was agreed to do a daytime run into the depths of Essex on February 19th. We will venture in the Maldon direction, where John Walsh has kindly agreed to meet us,and to give us the benefit of his local knowledge and show us some of the sights,as well as a good venue for lunch. Leaving the Alma at 10-30. It also looks as if we might get to see and hear the merlin project in march if steve can arrange it. If it happens and you havent seen it before its really a must do! WEe also need to arrange a ride for March.We have also had a very generous invite from the Essex Section of the VMCC to their Bluebell Camping weekend at the Museum of Power, Langford,running from  Wednesday April 15th until Monday 20th. Camping is not compulsory but there will be a ride every day and we as a club,have been invited to take part in all of them. The only restriction is that they would like the bikes to be more than 25 years old.I will post the details of the runs on the events page. If you do want to take part just let me know and I will forward the details and booking forms. If there is lunch involved, you need to book the food in advance. I hope to have a go at one or two myself, and you can go on your own or with friends if you have any! The thursday run looks interesting as there is both a road run and an off road run ending at the same venue. Gordon