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Just a quick update on what's going on,or not,as the case may be. The BMF ,as members of COMO,( Coalition of Motorcycle Organisations), have issued some guidance on riding, and can easily be found on their website. Its common sense really,and its a pity that some of the hooligans who are still roaring about on noisy gutless machines cant read it, for some of the other advice. They certainly dont do the rest of us any favours! On a brighter note, Kevin has very kindly agreed to sort out a calendar for us for 2021. Just order one from Colin, and Kevin will arrange for one to be posted to you. Each one will cost £5 to get to you so if you feel like paying £6, the club will benefit as well! And lets hope we can get some rides and visits on it next year. Some nice bikes and maybe a familiar face? We havent had too many photographs sent in so far so if you want to get your name on what may be the only trophy awarded for 2020, nows the time to get them sent in Please send them in online, to Colin,and we will decide which one is the best, at the begining of the year. We would like to know what you think of what we are doing for the club, and if you have any ideas of what else we can get up to, within the rules. Gordon