The day time run to the Honda Museum was called off because of some misunderstanding  as to how the day woiuld play out, if some wanted to eat out, while others took sandwiches. Hopefully this will be resolved and the trip will take place soon. As a result I did a daytime run instead, which turned out to be an exclusive event for the three of us who took part! Clearly nothing like as popular as the original! Julian took us for an evening ride around the essex countryside before investigating The Live and Let Live pub in Colchester last night. There has been a bit of controversy at the Alma lately and we have been looking at one or two alternatives for our club night. As you will have seen from Colins e mail, what is the latest news,and  the next club night on the 3rd of August will take place at the Cricketers, Fordham Heath. We are hoping that this venue will appeal to you all. They are pleased to have us come along, the facilities offered are much better than we have been used to of late, and they are well versed in car and bike meetings, with several car and bike clubs meeting there regularly. And of course they do have food. We must thank George for all his efforts in getting this organised. We are looking forward to your views on the night. Paul will be leading a pre meeting ride leaving the Cricketers at 7pm. We hope  to see you all there. Gordon