The inclement weather reduced our Club Night attendance - but a good time was had by the with 21 Members and 3 guests who made it. Only Dale C was brave enough to arrive on 2 wheels!!

We have had an unusual request come in from Major Luis – C/O (Commanding Officer) of Colchester Salvation Army.

Major L would like us to help deliver over 400 presents to Paxman Academy School, Shrub End, Colchester using our motorbikes - weather permitting on Friday December 15th, departing Colchester S/A at 10am. Major L is Portuguese and set up a similar mission in Portugal which has built up to 6000 deliveries annually!!!

If we use our bikes it will be just panniers, top boxes or back packs. If you are able to help please conatct Colin.

Parish Notices followed the usual format with the exception of one major announcement. Instead of the normal ‘2 minutes silence’ that follows the request for new leaders to take over from George and I. It was with great pleasure to announce that as from January 1st 2024 Nick, Caroline and Kim have agreed to be our new leadership team. They are already doing sterling work behind the scenes including arrangements for our Annual Meal on January 3rd 2024. Regarding Club affairs they will have a blank sheet of paper and will run the show as they think best. It will be up to us as Members to show support if we wish to carry on with good numbers etc. 

As stated many times before the strength of our group is down to the foundations put down by the late John Lay and carried on by Gordon, George and I.

PS Please remember if you have any ride out ideas please speak to Paul who is looking after this aide of things until Steve T takes over.