The October Club night was missing the usual ride out, but that's to be expected at this time of year when the light fades and the temperatures drop. But in this instance the temperature hadn't dropped and several turned up on bikes making those - including me - wondering why I came in the car. 

Another busy night with 25 Members and 2 guests enjoying another very nice Club event. Just the 1 apology of absence (G C) but good news that 2 of our regulars (BI and PW) returned after medical issues.

With Colin looking to step down in December and no one volunteering for the job. A collective of  Nick, Caroline and Kim will continue to beaver away keeping the Club on track, with Paul looking after the ‘ride outs’ until Steve T takes over sometime next year. 

The September evening ride out to Mersea Island was led by Paul and Kim where 8 members enjoyed a Fish and Chip meal together. The heavens decide to open up and there was a bit of a mechanical failure but all ended well.

Nick brought everyone up to date with the Coach outing to The Motor Cycle Museum in Solihull. An e-mail and whats-app message has been sent with parking and pick up details. Many thanks to to Kym Stroud who has mange to get permission for a central location for parking. The club is looking forward to the event as the NMM is an amazing place to visit.