For what seems like a long time coming, the sun shone brightly as the pre-meeting ride out set off at our usual leisurely pace. 14 of us headed off on various machinery towards Bures, turning left near the Railway Station, which took us on a nice little back road through to Wakes Colne and a return journey to the Cricketers Pub. Amazing how the nights are drawing in and the Sun was down when we got back. Everyone seem to enjoy the ride and there were several comments on that it was probably the last pre-meeting ride out this year.

After everyone had got their refreshments and fodder, the meeting kick off with Colin calling out the statistics with 14 members attending the ride out, 24 members at the meeting and 1 guest. We also celebrated that we now have a new member, a Mr Kym Stroud who has signed up after a short period of attendance, which must say something good about the club members.

We thanked Shaun Parker for leading a Saturday ride out around Manningtree and Walton. He has also offered to lead a ride out once a year in memory of Gordon Levett who passed away earlier this year. The ride will be to one of Gordon’s favourite haunts, which will be a fitting tribute to his memory.

The current club leadership is looking to pass on the baton towards the end of this year. Colin after many years of dedicated service has advised that he will step down at the end of the year.  There are discussions occurring on how to run the club to ensure we maintain consistency but also to move the organisation forward. Other methods of club communication are now being used and we are seeing a good up-take on the mobile forums. We hope these new methods will provide members with more speedy information but more to come on this subject.

The Coach trip to National Motorcycle Museum is now fully planned and members are blowing out the moths from their wallets to pay for the trip. Caroline and Kim are doing a sterling job of extracting money from the members, although some are still to pay up.

Lastly, it was good to see quite a few members at the Copdock Show near Ipswich, these events are a good place to catch up and chat to people, purchase memorabilia or another Motorcycle if the Garage has space.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the October club meeting – and don’t forget your wallets.