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Following last nights well attended clubnight, where we welcomed back Peter Warren, the rides for this month were agreed as follows. Wednesday 17th, ride to Duxford for a chance to view the museum,and/or attend the auction. We are fortunate to have Peter and Kevin Twitchet among our members who are Friends of Duxford, and keep us informed of the goings on. We shall leave the Alma at 9am,and Kevin will be there to welcome us and provide storage for helmets,etc.Its £20 for two to enter the auction and it gives you freedom to go around the Museum as well.

The following weekend, depending on the weather, John Swann and myself will have a ride to Snetterton to watch some more club bike racing. If you are interested, contact John or me directly. John has an excellent route and the racing is nonstop except for a lunch break. If its rubbish weather both days we may give it a miss.

The next lunch meet is on November 3rd. Later in that week,either Thursday 8th or Friday 9th, I shall be riding to the Lowestoft area and all are welcome to come along. I shall keep off main roads as much as possible.The day will be decided at the next club night, November 7th. I hope to see you at some of these.