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December 2013

The weather has definitely turned so it’s time to fit the linings back into the jacket and trousers.
I have ,managed to get the bikes all filled with new oil and prepared for the winter, and a trip out on the old bike last week confirmed that winter is here.
Plenty of mud on the roads, and the occasional blast of screen wash are a sure sign. Do any car drivers use their mirrors?
Lunch at The Marlborough Head inn, Dedham was well supported and we were made welcome.
The two open fires also proved popular.

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November 2013

I must apologise for missing club events in October. I missed the club night as I was on the way to Castle Coombe for a track day. We had a great time with lovely weather and I enjoyed every minute. I understand that there were six bikes present, but numbers a bit down on normal.

We did get to the Ladies lunch at the Henny Swan and that was excellent as usual. I would say that we did meet there after my run this year and they were very helpful and supportive while we waited for Split Pins bike to be recovered.

The September lunch at the Fox, West Mersea was less well attended. Sorry! I had a busy month with bike and car MOTs and services as well as a 2600 mile round trip to Spain for the Moto GP at Motorland, Aragon at the end of the month. I have written a summary of the trip, and John has suggested that I tell you all about it at the next meeting. If you are interested I could e mail you the story! I don’t want to put you off from coming so if you don’t want to hear about it I won’t be offended! It was thoroughly enjoyable. The only thing was I should have gone by Bike, so if anyone fancies a ride down there next year let me know.

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Moto GP Aragon September 29th 2013

Having a house near to Aragon Motorworld, Valencia, and Barcelona, I felt it was silly not to go to watch some sort of racing while we were there. I had suggested it from time to time but it had not met with any great enthusiasm. We had stumbled across Motorland on the way back from a holiday with friends in the Picos Mountains in the north of Spain. Really stunning scenery up there.

In 2010, it had just played host to its first Moto Gp.It was on the back of that , I was able to persuade the same friends, who had never seen a motor racing event of any kind, and Julia that it would be a nice thing to do. We thought we could stay nearby and make a break of it. We soon found out that there was not a room to be had for miles around! Must have been something to do with the large Spanish contingent at the head of the Moto GP field.

Our friends in Spain tried to book tickets but were not prepared to divulge all the details asked, so I did it via a very efficient firm called bookmoto.com, who I can thoroughly recommend.
They kept me informed and the tickets turned up in good time-vital as we couldn’t leave for Spain without them! At 75 Euros for a three day grandstand ticket, I felt it was a bargain. What we didn’t spot was that OAP prices were at a discount which probably explains the request for information.

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June 2013

The weather has been a bit better, at least if only a bit warmer! I managed the lunch at end of April. And I am afraid I missed some events during the month. I understand the intersection meet was attended by four of our section, but there were a large number of AMC bikes on show as well as some light aircraft. A very successful event I did manage the May club night, with nine others on various marques, although I did get half way home before I realised I was wearing Johns crash helmet!
 And Bill had to walk home as the first trip to the club with his 250 AJS resulted in a flat battery!

The annual meet with the East Suffolk’s at Manningtree was a success with some six members attending. Only one of our section made the Stowe Maries WW1 Airfield open day. This airfield is being restored to its original 1916 layout where many of the original buildings exist, and is the only example remaining.

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April 2013

The weather has been particularly unkind to us over the last few weeks. As a result, Colins Mystery tour had to be postponed.

This was one of several rides that we have had to cancel this year but it’s just not worth getting out there in the cold. Several of the local clubs have called things off as well.

My bikes have suffered with the salt this year, mainly through my own fault, and I must make sure it doesn’t happen next year. It’s so tempting to take them out when you shouldn’t.

We did manage a ride out to Harwich to see the Harwich Mayflower project. www.harwichmayflower.com

At the moment they have lots of oak trees, a big saw and a workshop. It will be launched in 2014.Watch this space. We moved on to Shotley for lunch and it was a good ride out.

There was a good turnout for the lunch meet at The Coach and Horses at Gt Yeldham, and the food was excellent.

I managed a ride to a couple of bike club nights and ours on the 3rd was well attended. I did a quick trip beforehand just to keep my hand in!

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March 2013

The weather continued to frustrate our attempts to get out on the bikes.

The threat of snow caused the postponement of a breakfast run with John Swan from the Orwell bridge truck stop and similarly the trip to the Victoria in Earl Soham was abandoned for the same reason.

The good news is that six of us made it to The Victoria on Feb. 21st and although it was a bit chilly (OK it was V cold) we had a nice lunch and a natter, Colin being the only representative of the marque.

Despite the snow flurries and a considerable amount of water, debris and potholes we all had a safe journey home. I just about managed to keep up with Chris on his W650 on my 125 varadero. I reckon I was the only one using 10,000 rpm on the trip!

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November 2012

I have been rather busy since the last update and I apologise now! The June club night was rather poorly attended, but the section lunch at The New Times, Tiptree was well received.
I was away at Le Mans in June. I had intended to go to watch the Banbury Run but family responsibilities ruled the day. We must go next year!

I made it to the July club night and we went for a short run around Essex before the meeting. I managed another trip to Le Mans, this time for the Le Mans Classic. One or two interesting bikes there as well. And we continued the trip down to Spain for a few days. We were supposed to be meeting the Suffolk section at Manningtree as we have done in the past, but Colin went along but the event was cancelled following a riding accident en route for a Suffolk member.

Five of the section attended the Maldon Clubs annual BBQ, a standing invitation for us. It was a shame it was a wet evening but was in Spain. It rained there too! There was a good attendance for the section lunch at the Bull, Tolleshunt Major and I was one of nine who attended. It’s just around the corner from Lanes Garage, who are keen motorcycle enthusiasts. The following Monday we visited the Hadleigh club BBQ and again it rained on the way home.

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June 2012

Mays update has run in to June I’m afraid. 

We lost a long time member, Ted Snarey, in April. Ted had been ill for a couple of years and will be missed, one of the characters of our section. He was a member of several bike and car clubs and they were all represented .Ted had his wish of a humanist funeral, which was a bit unusual for most of us but the place was full.

I organised a run for the Hadleigh club and Colin and I enjoyed a daytime run to check the route on the day, and only Chris accompanied me on the run proper, thanks to a mix up of dates. Not us this time!)

Now you all know that John and I attempted the Lands end- John O Groat’s trip last October, and John considered it unfinished business. With the club s representatives doing it on the old bikes to commemorate the founding of the club, I thought we were going to join in and harass them for a couple of days and then come home.

When John said he intended to do the whole thing and it came as a bit of a shock to me, especially when I realised that the K100 mot ran out in the middle of the proposed trip, and I was going to be away until a couple of days before we were due to leave! However all went well and a new Mot was obtained in time. I did the usual check around the BMW, oiling cables, etc and gave it an oil change, and it was ready.

Because of this, one of the scheduled club runs was postponed.

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April 2012

Sorry, but this is a bit late. I have been busy sorting out my B-A. Although it stayed together for our foray into Lands End/John O Groats, it did use a bit of oil and new valve guides didn’t look as if they would do the trick!

John and I did consider visiting the Ace for the founder’s day but the weather forecast together with the reputation of Essex/Cambridge councils, made up our minds. I am not riding in the snow!

The annual Presentation Evening on 12th February at the Cricketers at Eight Ash Green was well attended, but there was room for more. John had trouble with the original booked venue so it was good that we did make it in the end.

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February 2012.

January has been a bit problematical for our leader as he struggled to find a venue for our annual dinner. However it’s all been sorted and we are meeting on Saturday 11th of February at the Cricketers in Eight Ash Green. If you want to go and haven’t had the details contact John as soon as possible. And a thank you for John for persevering!

We had a good turnout for the January meeting even though the windy weather resulted in no bikes turning up. I did think about it but there really was no need. We did have a good run out to the Victoria in Earl Soham on January 12th. I did a recce of the route a couple of days before hand on my BMW and we had the table next to fire reserved for us. Six turned up, four from our section and a couple of friends. I was on my 125cc Vavarado, and the others included a 1200cc Suzuki!

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December 2011

This is the first of an attempt to keep our membership informed of what has been going on beyond the monthly club nights and to encourage you to take part in one or two of the large number of chances to take the old bikes for a ride.

I tried in vain to keep section notes in the Jampot, so at the last committee meeting, I agreed to give this a try.As an aside, I now belong to two one make clubs,and three others , as well as the Caravan Club.The one observation I would make is that the size of the annual subscription is in direct proportion to the size of the monthly magazine! And if you join the ACO which runs Le Mans, it will only be available in French!

The Ladies Lunch Meets continue to be popular and thanks to Dot for organising them for us. My attendance hasn’t been too good as we seem to be away too much. John got together a good programme for 2011, and I think it’s fair to say that a lot of members have enjoyed some excellent runs and visits in the course of the year. Two of the best ones for me involved the North Norfolk Railway, and we are grateful to Julian for having a contact there. Not only were we treated very well when we got there , the 98 miles each way proved quite exciting as well! A ride on the footplate of a steam railway engine must be high on everyone’s list.

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