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Pre-65As you all know, we have been pubilicising this Pre-65 race series in our up coming events, because one of members, has been taking part, Julian Smith. Now I know one or two of you have been along to help with marshalling and by all the feedback, it sounded to me like a good day out, so I thought I should go along. The last time I attended a scramble was back in the days of Saturday Grandstand, with the likes of Jeff Smith, Vic Eastwood, Dave Bickers etc, and I remember being quite put out as we had to wait about for the races to fit in with the BBC. How things have changed!

With Colins guidance, I signed on as a marshall for the day. You can do half a day. After a briefing it was off to the marshalls post with a bundle of flags. Nothing too complicated and all done to prevent accidents. The racing was delayed until the St Johns ambulance crew turned up, but after that it was contious action for a good couple of hours. I didnt have a single incident on my patch.

Now if like me you like the sound of big single and twin four strokes on full rattle, as well as screaming two strokes, then I can thoroughly recommend going along, just for that. The racing was very competitive without being over the top, and the sidecars were extra spectacular.

After the lunch break and the complementary burger and coffee, Colin insisted we swop positions and I had a very entertaining second half on the exit gate. A third member of our section, Kevin Twithchet was there with his camera at the ready and hopefully there will be some pictures soon. The icing on the cake was the awards presentation and we we all delighted to see Julian recieve several for his successes in the Greeves section of the competition over the season. and did I mention, the £20 for helping out...

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day and I can recommend it to you all. Its right on our doorstep at Marks Tey, and the next one is on the 6th of November. We even thought we might make it a section event one day next year. Gordon