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Our ride to Languard Point was well attended and after a devious route, we were met there by Jim, just a short ride from Ipswich, and Rob and family. This is a popular venue and some of us more hardy souls had to sit outside!

Our lunch meeting this month had a low turnout for various reasons, but we were able to book the New Times, Tiptree for our annual Dinner and Presentation evening on Wednesday January 10th. 7pm for 7-30. The price has been held from last year, £20 per head for 3 courses, including tips. George has kindly agreed to collect the money before hand, preferably cash, and can be contacted on 01206243662, or . Please let us know as soon as possible if you are coming.


We also got to see the Calendar for 2018, very professionally prepared by Kevin, and they will be on sale for £8 . Wew are putting in a provisional order, using club funds and if you would like one please place your order with us asap.

As well as our usual club night for December, Wednesday 6th, we usually have an informal get together nearer to Christmas when we thank the landlord at the Alma for his hospitality throughout the year, and it has been known for drinks to be provided by the committee members but I cant vouch for that! This year it will be held on Wednesday 20th December, and all are welcome.

Provided my back recovers I will arrange a ride in December for lunch at Pin Mill. Those of you who also belong to the Hadleigh club can get the dates for their events on www.hadcmcc.com, and you will see there is a dgree of coordination. Gordon