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March 2017

Good to see such a good turnout last night despite the weather, and better still, some brave souls on bikes. The evenings briefings were kept as short as possible, and it was good to see contributions from both Phil and Julian bringing a bit more excitement to the proceedings. Good to see Phil back on his feet and we hope to see him back on a bike before too long.

The bike rides have not got off to a good start this year, mainly because of the weather and it's not worth taking unnessesary risks. However during the discussions last night, we have two rides confirmed for March and the information is available in the events page. I apologise for putting one up twice, operator error!

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February 2017 PS

PS Kevin very kindly sent a calender to Russell and it was very well received. Colin and I will hopefully pay a visit once the warmer weather gets here. 

February 2017

A good turnout for the February club night, and a chance to present the Allan Jones Trophy to Julian Smith for his outstanding season in the pre 1965 scramble series. This year, Steve Toy is going to have a go so there is a lot of section interest so do try and get along to some of the local events. Vic was reunited with the Photographic award, now sporting his name for 2016.

The weather forecasts have disrupted the planned ride to the Victoria, and I'm afraid the planned ride on the 10th has had to be called off, as I'm not keen on riding in snow. There was some mirth as I described my breakdown at the Alma, having turned up just in case anyone had missed the cancellation. The lad from the RAC did a good job getting it going. And I must thank Dereck for his hospitality while I waited.

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January 2017

The new year is upon us and the presentation evening is over. From the response we have had , it would appear that the evening went down well and that the venue was very good , despite some misgivings before hand. Indeed it looks like we may well return next year as everyone liked the food, and the atmosphere.

The award winners were all well deserved and quite easy to nominate for a change. Vic did well winning the photography award as well as that for the most impressive journey of the year. Julian had a good year with his scrambling results , but this year could be different as Steve is about to join him with his recently purchased Metisse.

As I write the weather has been good to us in the daytime while a chilly at night. I am hoping it will hold out for our trip to the Victoria next week.

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December 2016

It's been a busy few weeks for our section, tinged with some sadness at the news of the sudden loss of Bill Bullen. Several of us attended his funeral, some on bikes, and he will be missed by us all. The fact that we never knew what bike he would be on next time we saw him will be one of my lasting memories.

The November club night quiz proved to be popular and thanks to John Walsh for arranging it. Could it become a regular event?

We have had a few rides including a trip to Gt Yeldham for the trophy engraving, and another to Landguard Point, Felixstowe.  We have a ride to Lowestoft on Thursday 15th December, weather permitting. I hope to do the annual winter run to The Victoria towards the end of January, a date yet to be decided.

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Pre-65 Scrambles

Pre-65As you all know, we have been pubilicising this Pre-65 race series in our up coming events, because one of members, has been taking part, Julian Smith. Now I know one or two of you have been along to help with marshalling and by all the feedback, it sounded to me like a good day out, so I thought I should go along. The last time I attended a scramble was back in the days of Saturday Grandstand, with the likes of Jeff Smith, Vic Eastwood, Dave Bickers etc, and I remember being quite put out as we had to wait about for the races to fit in with the BBC. How things have changed!

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Bill Bullen

October  20th 2016

William (Bill) Bullen

It is with deep regret that we report the passing of Section Member Bill Bullen who joined up with us during October 2012. Sadly Bill never recovered from an operation involving Heart surgery. A popular member who was always pleasant to speak with and will be remembered for his large collection of motorcycles, meaning we were never sure which machine he would be riding on the occasions he was able to join in with us. Bill also introduced a close friend Brian Irwin into The Section who has also become involved with us.

As yet no funeral details are known but these will be published once the information is available.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family together with any help if required.

Colin Smith, Treasurer North Essex Section of the AMOC.

October 2016

Our club nights are getting to be quite popular with both members and guests and its good to see you all.  Those of you that didnt make it would have seen Colins excellent coverage by e-mail. The september one was the last with a pre-meeting ride out until next year as its not all that comfortable doing country lanes in the dark.

I missed a few bits in september but again, Colins e-mails will have kept you up to date. There is a lot coming up, including a ride out from the Alma later today. Our last club night was so well attended we took over a large part of the Alma, and it was a good chance to ask Dereck, the landlord about our next club night on November 2nd, which is a Quiz night organised by John Walsh. We have been allocated the large dining area so we are hoping for a good turnout.

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August 2016

It's been a busy few weeks for our section, and I must start by apologising for a senior moment which resulted in me forgetting the June lunchtime meet. However I did manage to get to a few other of the events in July. The club night was well attended and several of us did a short ride around before hand. One or two of you also managed to sort a bike out for Gabby. The speedo drive saga was finally laid to rest (until the next time). We also managed a ride out to Shotley Marina, (expensive sandwiches), and John Walsh took us to Andy Tiernans, where we were made very welcome, and then on to Parham Airfield Museum. Definitley worth another visit, but no food available, just tea and snacks. That evening I took the Hadleigh club on another ride just to keep my hand in. We had another meeting with the Suffolk section at Manningtree station, with some ten bikes from our section on display, led by Phil. The Maldon Club BBQ attracted a few of us, but I had a clashing bike show at CVCVC Great Yeldham, so missed a good evening according to those who did go.

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June 2016

It was good to see several of you turning up at 7pm for a short ride before the meeting on the 2nd, and its something we will carry on with until the nights draw in. As you heard I have been tasked with what to do with the section windfall. My feeling is that it should be used to encourage the use of AJS and Matchless motorcycles by members of our section.It was something that John was passionate about, and I feel privileged to have accompanied him on three long distance rides that I would never have done on my own. With that in mind I think there is overwhelming support for a memorial trophy for the most notable trip by a section member on an AJS or Matchless. Extending it to other makes defeats the object in my view. I know the idea of insurance to protect those leaders of organised runs from litigation is controversial, but you need to ask yourself the question, if I lead a run and something goes wrong, am I prepared to lose my house? If the answer is yes, or you never lead or take part in a run, thats fine. But if its no,then thats exactly how i feel. I enjoy planning these trips, as do some others, but its not fair to put us in that position.

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May 2016

I must apologise for missing the last lunch meet,and the club night, but I was enjoying a trip down to Spain. I found diesel at 89.9 cents a litre, definitly worth going for. Just to clear up any misunderstanding about our visit to the Railway photo shoot. We went along to support one of the trustees of the railway, who is also a trustee of the North Norfolk Railway, and a friend of Julian. A couple of years ago, Julian arranged a trip there, and we all had a lovely day there including a workshop visit, Tours of locomotives,trips on the train and footplate rides.Because not everyone managed to get a footplate ride, we had a second invitation so everyone had a go. That goes down as one of the ultimate audio visual experiances ever for me.

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