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August 2016

It's been a busy few weeks for our section, and I must start by apologising for a senior moment which resulted in me forgetting the June lunchtime meet. However I did manage to get to a few other of the events in July. The club night was well attended and several of us did a short ride around before hand. One or two of you also managed to sort a bike out for Gabby. The speedo drive saga was finally laid to rest (until the next time). We also managed a ride out to Shotley Marina, (expensive sandwiches), and John Walsh took us to Andy Tiernans, where we were made very welcome, and then on to Parham Airfield Museum. Definitley worth another visit, but no food available, just tea and snacks. That evening I took the Hadleigh club on another ride just to keep my hand in. We had another meeting with the Suffolk section at Manningtree station, with some ten bikes from our section on display, led by Phil. The Maldon Club BBQ attracted a few of us, but I had a clashing bike show at CVCVC Great Yeldham, so missed a good evening according to those who did go.

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June 2016

It was good to see several of you turning up at 7pm for a short ride before the meeting on the 2nd, and its something we will carry on with until the nights draw in. As you heard I have been tasked with what to do with the section windfall. My feeling is that it should be used to encourage the use of AJS and Matchless motorcycles by members of our section.It was something that John was passionate about, and I feel privileged to have accompanied him on three long distance rides that I would never have done on my own. With that in mind I think there is overwhelming support for a memorial trophy for the most notable trip by a section member on an AJS or Matchless. Extending it to other makes defeats the object in my view. I know the idea of insurance to protect those leaders of organised runs from litigation is controversial, but you need to ask yourself the question, if I lead a run and something goes wrong, am I prepared to lose my house? If the answer is yes, or you never lead or take part in a run, thats fine. But if its no,then thats exactly how i feel. I enjoy planning these trips, as do some others, but its not fair to put us in that position.

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May 2016

I must apologise for missing the last lunch meet,and the club night, but I was enjoying a trip down to Spain. I found diesel at 89.9 cents a litre, definitly worth going for. Just to clear up any misunderstanding about our visit to the Railway photo shoot. We went along to support one of the trustees of the railway, who is also a trustee of the North Norfolk Railway, and a friend of Julian. A couple of years ago, Julian arranged a trip there, and we all had a lovely day there including a workshop visit, Tours of locomotives,trips on the train and footplate rides.Because not everyone managed to get a footplate ride, we had a second invitation so everyone had a go. That goes down as one of the ultimate audio visual experiances ever for me.

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April 2016

We have managed to get some biking in , mostly avoiding the showers and the frosts, but we did suffer a bit of rain on the trip to the Suffolk Light Railway on the 4th. however the weather did improve and we had a lovely day. Colin will be making a full report. We managed to eight bikes and three cars on this event and I would like to thank all who took part for your support.Once again we had  a good turnout for the club night on the 6th,including one potential new member, so that cant be bad. Our next ride is with John Walsh into the depths of Essex around Burnham on Crouch, on tuesday April 19thwhich is an area we dont venture into a lot, and one which I particularly like.The next lunch meet is at the Pinkauh, Pentlow on Sat 30th April. Hope to see you at one or both. Gordon

March 2016

Just a quick update. The Annual Dinner at the Ship went off well, and was enjoyed by all. The trophies all went to worthy winners. The annual run to the Victoria, took place as scheduled, even though it was a bit chilly, and we were made very welcome. The open fire has been replaced by a large wood burner, but otherwise little had changed and the food was good. The February clubnight was well attended,and preliminary arrangements were made for a run to visit Russel, should he be up to it.In the event we postponed the visit untill this month, and instead took a trip to Languard Fort at Felixstowe instead.Again a rather frosty morning, but we avoided any mishaps and had a look round the fort which was open because of half term.We enjoyed a spot of lunch outside in the sunshine, and concluded that we might make this regular visit on the calendar.The lunch meeting at the Cock and Bell went well, especially as I found we could get a £5 voucher off the internet! Recommended by George, it proved to be a popular choice and again may become a regular on our list. Clubnight coming up on the 2nd and we should be arranging a run out to Saffron Walden among other things.See you there Gordon


I have recently fitted an Indicator Warning device to my 250 Honda CBF. At only £4.75 including VAT, post and packing, this represents good value for a well engineered product. Installation instructions are easily understood by anyone with basic electrical knowledge. With bikes not having a common wiring code I would advise that advice be obtained from a person with the required  knowledge before connecting this excellent product. The unit I purchased came from  Azonic Solutions Ltd via ebay. With a decibel level that may seem high when stationary, this is ideal with the bike in use. As this product is so impressive, I have now ordered a 6 volt positive earth version to install on my 1960 Matchless G3L.

Colin Smith, Treasurer North Essex Section AMOC.

January 2016

As you can see ,there was a record turnout for our informal meeting at the Alma just before Christmas, to say thank you to the Landlord and his staff for their hospitality throughout the year. There was some complaining about the ride in the rain earlier in December,particularly when there had been so many other nice days! The first club night of 2016 was once again well supported, with some twenty members and guests enjoying a pleasant evening,including a Christmas themed quiz from Colin.There were even some bikes! We had met the previous day to look at the seating arrangements for next weeks Dinner.and I was able to report the collection of the engraving for the trophies.We are looking forward to a good evening next week and I shall see you there.Finally, the first ride of the year has been confirmed as a trip to The Victoria, Earl Soham in Suffolk, leaving the Alma, Copford,January 19th, at 10-30. I hope to see some of you there. Safe Riding. Gordon

Meet The Alma Landlord 2015

This annual informal event was introduced 4 years ago by our late Secretary John Lay in order to express our thanks for the welcome given to The Section during our monthly Club Nights held in The Alma. At this event, small token gifts are given to both Landlord Derek and also the Staff. For the first 3 years just the faithful 4 turned up.

However, last year these numbers increased to 9 plus 4 guests. Unbelievably, this year we had 18 members together with 2 guests, one of these even from Perth, Australia, although we expect he had other interests in the UK besides The North Essex AMOC Section!  With 6 new members joining  during 2015 our pool has now increased to 28, the highest number for several years.
We need to thank Paul Davis for his nights efforts - he got most of it right!!

Paul Davis handing over gratuity at The Alma, December 2015

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Informal get together

Our next function is the informal annual `Meet the Landlord and his staff` at The Alma, 7.30pm on Tuesday 22nd December. Just a chance to express our gratitude for the hospitality received by The Section during 2015. Paul Davis has kindly accepted responsibility for token offerings. Colin

Success at last

Following many trials and tribulations, Gordon and Colin after much assistance from Julian, are able to place material on The North Essex Jampot website. We look forward to receiving suitable items especially from our younger members. The general public do not wish to hear about `old age and poverty`, `teeth falling out` etc. etc. but would rather read about members riding in The Pre 65 and trials etc.  If we can keep this site fresh and interesting it can only be of benefit to one and all. Looking forward to a deluge of suitable material,

Regards Gordon and Colin

Thanks from the Committee

The North Essex Section committee would like to express their thanks to you all for the support received during 2015. Following the sudden passing of our very popular secretary, John Lay, we are pleased to report that the possible demise of The Section did not happen, but rather we are ending the the year in a stronger position with six new members joining us during the year. This is a good showing for one of the smaller AMOC sections,and the committee would like to thank you all for helping to create the enjoyable atmosphere at the monthly club nights at the Alma, School Road, Copford, as well as the other activities during the year. We look forward to your continuing support. Colin, Gordon, Chris Mac, and John W.