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Just a quick word on the last week or so when we have had several things  going on. First, the lunch meeting with Joan and Annie on the 22nd went very well and they enjoyed themselves. They were chatting to us all throughout their visit and it was good to see Joan back driving again.

Monday 22nd saw 13 bikes, with Julia on the Rocket for the first time in years, head for the Hadleigh Club BBQ, abley  lead by Steve, and despite the rain a good evening was had by all. Complete contrast to the evening run I organised for that club on the 19th when three of us met one representative of the Hadleigh club in Hadleigh Market square. We did have a good ride finishing at the Donkey and Buskins. Now run by Allans son we were made very welcome and while it is a good venue for an evening ride out, I cant see how we could fit our club nights there again.

Finally we had Mersea Myths 3 and 13 bikes had another guided tour of the Island and I have to say Im no more convinced that poverty exists there than I have been on the previous visits. I have been asked why the strood floods more often theses days, and its down to the heavy transport of the gold,very early in the mornings, that has made the whole thing sink a bit, so it is covered by the tide more often. If you think thats an exaggeration, you all saw that the road beyond the Peldon Rose was closed for repair. Thats because the convoy waits there fo each vehicle to cross the strood on its own,to minimise the sinking, and that in turn has damaged that bit of Mersea Road! Dont forget the next club night, July 3rd. Gordon