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It was good to see you all at the Presentation Evening last night, and I hope you all had an enjoyable evening. We should give a vote of thanks to Colin for organising the evening and negotiating a good deal, (how topical at the moment), and for George for persuading you all to part with the money! The trophies mostly went to deserving members and you all now know what you need to do this year to get your hands on such coverted awards. Photos need to have some motorcycle content, The riding award has to be something special on a Matchless or AJS, and you can score points for turning up to section events on a classic machine. Later machines are scored but not so highly. We felt Steve had done such a good job of encouraging members to take part in riding activities, he deserved his. I would rather Colin had accepted one, as he does a lot of work behind the scenes and my efforts to keep us all up to date rely heavily on Colins record keeping.

Any way we hope you are all suitably inspired to make 2019 another good year for the club. We will try to provide activities to suit all tastes and look forward to seeing you taking part. RememberĀ if you have somewhere you would like to ride to, or an event we could support, do let us know.

We are starting our riding for the year next week, on January 15th, leaving the Alma at 10.30am to visit the Victoria at Earl Soham. You don't have to ride with us, you can meet us there for a spot of lunch. It does depend on the weather (not keen on ice or snow!) so if in doubt contact me on the 14th. There is no lunch meet in January, but the next club night is on February 6th, when rides for the month will be discussed. See you there Gordon