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We did have second thoughts about a club night on January 2nd 2019, but we needn't have worried. It was lovely to see you all, with 23 members and 3 guests turning out. Colin reported on the events of December.  We discussed supporting the pre65 40th anniversary scramble and it was agreed to make it a section event. I hope you will come along on the day, June 16th, because Im sure you will enjoy it. We reported that the BMF have got in a muddle over renewals but they cleared our cheque on December 13th so hopefully they will soon have it sorted. We closed the book on the Presentation Evening, and all the monies have been collected and Colin and Bernie will be visiting the New Times just to inform them of the numbers. Thanks to George for collecting the money. Kevin brought another batch of Calendars, and I think there are one or two left if you want one.

The first section ride of the year will take place on the 15th of January to The Victoria Earl Soham, weather permitting. It's not too long a ride, all back roads and after lunch and a warmup we return home on the same route. Nothing to distant or adventurous this time of year.

The engraving ride in December ended up by car because of the weather, and all is in hand. I hope to collect it all on the 4th, in time for the Presentation Dinner. The 'Thank the Landlord' evening was well supported and we enjoyed mince pies and sausage rolls as well as presenting Derick and his staff with tokens of our appreciation for looking after us all year. The next club night is February 6th, when we will discuss the rides for February as well as the rest of the year. If you have ideas for rides or visits do let me know. We have a list of old favourites but new venues are always welcome. See you there Gordon